Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hayley Welsh

Hayley Welsh

Following her sell out show at the FORM Courthouse Gallery in Port Hedland and her pop-up shop at Carillon City, children’s book author and illustrator Hayley Welsh showcases her latest creations in this new exhibition at Mini Art Mart entitled Wonderland.


Using found objects as her canvas, Hayley illustrates imaginative new worlds with her whimsical characters, exploring the childlike escapism into fantasy and the process of opening up one’s mind to impossible realities.

Hayley has established herself as an artist to watch. Having moved to Australia from the UK in 2009 with exhibitions in London and New York under her belt, she has been in demand of late.
With a history in scientific and natural history illustration, Hayley’s paintings display a technical approach that is mixed with nostalgia and humour. Yet at the same time, darker undertones are present in her pieces, reflecting a fear of the unknown.
Exhibition runs throughout February.

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