Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anne Cobai

Anne Cobai is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Perth, Australia. She completed a degree in Graphic Design at Curtin University, graduating in 2008. During the day she works full-time as a graphic designer for a boutique design agency and she devotes her weekends and free time to freelancing and working on personal projects.

Anne Cobai, Cross My Heart

Anne is passionate about music so her work reflects this love as well as her fascination with colour and popular culture. Her illustrations are characterised by bold and colourful images with a high attention to detail. She draws inspiration from a vast array of influences, including contemporary music, tattoo culture, vintage pin-ups, iconography and Renaissance art.

Anne Cobai, Saint Billie Joe

When creating her illustrations, Anne prefers to work digitally, using the vector medium to create bold images with maximum impact. Her illustrations have been published in numerous magazines, including Desktop, AMMO, Semi Permanent, Skin Deep, Inked Aus/NZ and Australian Creative.

Anne is steadily receiving more recognition for her work, both nationally and internationally and she continues to work towards her dream of being fully self-employed and working on designs relating to music, such as album covers and concert posters.

Anne Cobai, Frankettes

For Mini Art Mart, Anne has put together a selection of framed prints in her signature style. She has also made her Cross my Heart tees available to purchase from Ruck Rover throughout February. These come in six different colours and feature her brilliant Cross my Heart artwork.

For more of Anne's work, visit her website or her blog.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paula Stirland

Paula Stirland brings in the new year with her stunning and uncanny portraits. Born (and even a little raised) in England, this pom turned Perth girl is currently making her mark at Artful Ink, designing tattoos for the bold and unique.

Paula's work is also rampant through the local music scene, where you can see her interests in graphic design, tribal art and tatts manifest itself on posters, logos and album art. And some of the metal and rock groups are even lucky enough to be the object of her camera's gaze.
For our Mini Art Mart, Paula has collected a few of her favourite portraits, and she certainly has a knack for capturing cheeky glints of the eye and curls of the lip. Infused with alternative fashion, shadows, and personality, these sketches are guaranteed to remind you of someone you know.