Monday, January 10, 2011

Miss Under H2O

Miss Under H2O is an underwater photographer and visual artist. She originally studied art 20 years ago but then let it fall by the wayside for 18 years.

After learning scuba diving in December 2006 she was a very nervous diver, so her husband (Mr Under H2O) gave her a small camera to take underwater. From that very moment, not only did her anxiousness subside, but it opened up a new realm of creativity and inspiration.

Miss Under H2O has now progressed up from her original 'point and shoot' camera to a full digital SLR and underwater housing. All the art displayed at Mini Art Mart is from underwater visions and an array of countries including Australia, Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Indonesia and Malaysia. As well as canvases, pictured below, Miss Under H2O is selling small prints.

Large and small canvases, $119.95 & $59.95

Recently, Miss Under H2O placed in an underwater photo competition in Christmas Island and has had work published in The West Australian newspaper.

Her latest ventures are in underwater portrait images, mainly for children and babies but also for individuals, families and creative modeling. She is available for commercial or personal work.