Friday, March 9, 2012

Lisa Max

Lisa Max returns to Ruck Rover for her third exhibition at Mini Art Mart.

Born in Germany, Lisa attended art school in Austria before heading across the seas to Australia. She settled here for quite some time, but lately she's been feeling the pull of the Continent. Along with her husband Jarrod (a Perth native), Lisa is making the move across the world once more and will head off to Europe later this year. Though they vow to return before too long, this is the last exhibition that we'll see of Lisa's colourful character art on Australian shores for a little while.

The characters of Lisa Max are filled with wonder and excitement. This year they reside on a single item, a used surfboard, where four of loveable chaps have climbed atop one another creating a tower of delight.

Ruck Rover also sells Lisa Max' brilliant Booze Brothers - a set of two stubby holders decorated in her signature style - as well as irresistible, illustrated cushions.