Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brendan Brown

This is Perth-born, Melbourne-based Brendan Brown's third exhibition at Ruck Rover's monthly Mini Art Mart and we're rather excited to have him back.

Brendan is renowned for creating works from unique and unusual materials. Check out some of the intricate combinations he's created for us before here!

This time Brendan's designed and crafted four works in watercolour painted onto coffee-stained paper adhered to foam board.

The designs themselves are inspired by vintage sailor tattoos, but with twist. Traditional ink designs for sea-faring fellas depict optimistic symbols of luck, of love and dreams of being 'homeward bound'. In his exhibition, Brendan plays with these icons and sneaks in less optimistic notes of loneliness, tricky sea creatures and troubled waters. All within the pallet and character of vintage nautical ink.

They are vividly colourful, beautiful works.

Each watercolour is available for purchase at $60.

Exhibition runs until November 30.