Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brendan Brown

Exhibition runs 5-30 November

Brendan D Brown is a Perth born, Melbourne based, part time artist.

The works which are on display here are one-off scraperboard originals. The boards are manufactured in the UK through a process of coating thick card in a thin layer of China clay. The clay is then stained solid black with India Ink, which Brendan painstakingly scratches away at with a rusty, pointy nail to reveal, in white, the clay beneath. This takes f****ing ages. Sometimes, while making these pieces, Brendan's hand cramped up so badly that it took two cups of tea before his fingers could be fully straightened. Oh the humanity!

This is Brendan's second exhibition at Ruck Rover in as many years, something he is very proud of.

 Bang. $50.

Wander. $75.

If you cannot make it in during the exhibition but are interested in buying one of Brendan's works, please email us to see images of the other pieces.