Saturday, June 21, 2014


1-31 July

Kate-Anna St Valentine, untitled, 2014.
From 1-31 July 2014, Ruck Rover General Store will host a charity exhibition to raise money for SAFE, an organisation saving animals from euthanasia. Curated by Kate-Anna St Valentine, the exhibition will feature original illustrations from a who’s who of contemporary Australian artists including Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Sean Morris and Mel Stringer. STAY SAFE is presented by Ruck Rover as part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season.

The exhibition will be made up of new, original illustrations featuring animals. Each work will be created exclusively for this show and be donated by the artists. Every piece is for sale, and proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to SAFE.

Since being founded by Sue Hedley in 2003, SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) has been committed to stopping the euthanasia of animals for the reason of them having no place to stay. The program began in the Pilbara and has spread throughout Western Australia, where they find foster care and permanent homes for rescued animals.

Artists: Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Sean Morris, Mel Stringer, Kate-Anna St Valentine, Rose Skinner, Maddy Young, Jessica Horrocks, Chiara Hunwick, Elizabeth Murraffo, Matt Moore, and Leonie Brialey.

Join us for a party to celebrate the opening of STAY SAFE on Saturday 5 July from 5-8pm. Enjoy a drink courtesy of boutique Western Australian winery Drakesbrook Wines, who have kindly sponsored the event. We hope to see you there!

Kate-Anna St Valentine is a Perth based artist and writer who is passionate about animal welfare. She wears her heart on her sleeve, her work giving a clear view into her world. Soft colours and floating pencil work are common threads throughout her drawing which enthralls the viewer.

Kyle Hughes-Odgers is one of the most exciting contemporary artists in the world today. His solo exhibitions, group shows and public murals are too numerous to list. Kyle’s work is found in all corners of the globe including Brooklyn, New York where he completed a series of large scale, public works. He works out of Gotham Studios in Northbridge, and is represented by Turner Galleries in Western Australia.

Sean Morris is currently based in Melbourne where he has been producing new work and recently curated his third successful exhibition, Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos. He has exhibited in London, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Brisbane based artist Mel Stringer is represented by The Jacky Winter Group Agency. Mel loves to put pen to paper, and her work is often characterised by drawings of girls, pastel colours and twee images.

Rose Skinner, Burger King, 2014.

Chiara Hunwick, Pelecanimimus, 2014.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enid Twiglet

1-30 June 2014

After accidentally discovering her love for hand embroidery while learning to make silver jewellery, Enid has been stitching feverishly now for about four years.

Something of a rogue hand embroiderer, Enid does not follow any traditional rules, use embroidery floss or even know the proper names of embroidery stitches! What results are organic and super creative designs that use the needle and thread more like a pen to illustrate rather than technically embroider.

Her works tend to favour the natural world, stitching birds, animals, fungus and trees as well as unusual subject matter such as anatomy and insects.

Working with husband, Mr Twiglet, who laser engraves Enid's hand-embroidered images onto ceramics, glass, wood and leather, they've expanded the range to make the perfect gift in all sorts of delightful objects.

All pieces are unique gems that are not mass produced. Each embroidery is one of a kind and cannot be recreated.


Embroideries - $110-$360
Plates - $28-$35
Cheese boards - $60
Cake domes - $60