Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Michael Lombardi

Michael Lombardi is a Perth born artist with a fondness for retro. Be it via swing dance or just old pants.

Space Dance, unframed print, $55.

Off overseas late October, Michael's 2 years in Mt Lawley has resulted in making many illustrations for posters, murals or for his own amusement. Mostly of delectable damsels, femme fatales and frivolous flappers.

Charlston, framed print, $70.

Swing Dance, unframed print, $55.
Occasionally he will draw men too.

Unframed print, $70.

For Mini Art Mart he has compiled a collection of digital prints on card and canvas. There are also mini prints, (teensy and adorable) stickers and badges available, and prices start from $3.

Exhibition runs 13 October to 30 November.

Mr Lombardi himself.