Monday, February 18, 2013

Alina Tang

Flowers and fickle feelings
Alina Tang

Alina is head-over-heels in love with printmaking!

She enjoys wearing cute aprons while printing but also delights in the magical, process-driven aspect of printing: mixing the perfect ink colour, rounding the corners of every plate, and meticulously wiping with yellowpages.

Alina is in her final year of art school at Curtin University and tries her best to make work that makes her and other people happy. She also loves flowers, people who smell nice, kittens, floral patterns, hand-made things, small children, and long cuddles.

All of Alina's prints are handmade, from oil-based ink, paper, and an etching press. The Mipsy and Pixie prints (the sweet ones of the cats dancing) are made by collagraph etching, with some hand-painted watercolour editions.

These prints aren't part of a limited edition run exactly, but are 'U/S' (Unique State) - which means they're printed uniquely, and coloured differently each time. This also means Alina can make custom colour and floral backgrounds!

Exhibition runs until May 31.

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