Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Samantha Hughes


Samantha is a writer and illustrator who likes the deep, dark quiet of the night. She loves the velvet time around midnight when the best and strangest ideas creep out and become just a little bit real. That is the time when her sketchbook fills up with the weirdest and most magical stories and sketches.

Her favourite materials to work with are her trusty 2b pencils and little tubes of luscious, intensely colourful gouache. Sam still pokes her tongue out when she is concentrating really hard on a drawing. She most likes to paint monsters and zombies and strange fanciful creatures – the types you’d like to share a cupcake with.

Her work has appeared on posters, in exhibitions and even on shoes.

Her collection for Mini Art Mart is entitled Sing. All of the characters in this collection have a secret that can only be told through the lyrics from their favourite song.

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