Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tristan Fidler

Tristan Fidler blabs about movies; this can be relied upon. A UWA graduate, he completed a PhD on music video directors, so people describe him as a 'Doctor of Music Videos' but this is not medically accurate.

When not reciting lines from Big Trouble in Little China or Ghostbusters to anyone who'll listen, he spends time editing a zine, I Am Still in Yesterday's Clothes, and contributing to a podcast, Heavy Movie Parking Lot. Generally, an affable sap who likes to write stuff and draw things.

24 unique prints, $25 each.

For Mini Art Mart, Tristan has compiled a series of portraits of film directors. Prints are A4 and are on 300gsm card. Do you like the modern, comic styling of Judd Apatow? Are you into the Scorsese classics? Or perhaps you like it when conventions meet the unconventional, in the work of Jon Waters? Whatever your taste in cinema, there's someone just for you.

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